Accomplished Office Administrator Training

Introduction This course will help you increase your motivation and confidence through understanding the principles and best practices of office management. Delegates will learn to prioritise, plan, and solve problems to get the work done on time, and to have continuous productivity improvement. Delegates will learn to communicate confidently in meetings and manage difficult behaviours.  […]

Training Essential Management Skills

About the Programme The Essential Management Skills programme is designed to give supervisors and managers, key learning and new skills to enable them to improve their effectiveness as well as drive performance through people by engaging better with their teams and colleagues. Target Audience Supervisors New Managers Team Leads Course Content:   Day Module 1 Introduction […]


POWERFUL LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION & INFLUENCE MANAGEMENT TRAINING  Training Description Powerful communication is the key to effective leadership. This is a practical ways for workplace Communication in a variety of ways that senior officials should master if they plan to succeed. Course Contents Defining Powerful Communication •    Communication is a Skill •    Powerful communicators and great leaders […]

Performance Management Training

The Performance Management Workshop is aimed at all those who are responsible for appraising their staff, whether supervisors or senior managers. The programme is also aimed at those in Human Resources who have responsibility for administering and overseeing their organisation’s PMS and potentially supporting the appraisees and appraisers. Course Benefits Understand the value of Performance […]

Training Of Trainer (TOT)

Training Of Trainer (TOT)  COURSE DESCRIPTION Trainer merupakan aktifitas pentin yang perlu dilakukan oleh semua perusahaan agar karyawannya mampu melakukan tugas dan peran masing-masing, sehingga kemampuan perusahaan dapat terus meningkat. Faktor dan kendala yang sering dihadapi dalam pelatihan adalah : Biaya Jumlah peserta terbatas Pengetahuan tidak dapat disebarluaskan. Training ini dirancang khusus agar peserta memperoleh […]

Administrative Assistant Training

Training Administrative Assistant COURSE DESCRIPTION The role of the Administrative is rapidly changing and he/she is taking on more of the work of the manager. He/she needs to develop administrative skills into managerial talents in order to enable his/ her superior to delegate work with assurance.At the end of the course participants will able:   […]

Training Event Management

COURSE AIMS The success of an event manager, producing social events, depends upon understanding life cycle events. Every life has its ceremonies, rituals and traditions, great and small, religious and non-religious. This course is designed to focus on the understanding of event planning guidelines and responsibilities. The course covers all the elements of event management […]

Innovation and Critical Thinking Training

COURSE AIMS Innovation and critical thinking together lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. By asking the right questions, challenging assumptions your company’s innovation and competitive position in the […]

Training Effective Planning and Organising

COURSE AIMS When you plan and organise yourself effectively, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to achieve your goals. Increased productivity at work through better planning and organisation of work will lead to a happier, more rewarding and prosperous work life. The Effective Planning and Organising workshop addresses a proven approach to […]

Training Teambuilding and Leadership Skills

COURSE AIMS Successfully managing a cohesive, happy and high-performing team that consistently meets goals is in high demand. As an effective leader, your followers must have trust in you and they need to follow your vision. The element of ‘trust’ has a huge impact on the power and influence of the leader and trust-building must […]

Training Motivation and Delegation

COURSE AIMS Delegation is not ‘dumping’ or merely allocating tasks. It is a skill that comparatively few managers/supervisors/team leaders process to a high level. Done well, delegation makes a significant difference to the motivation of the individual and productivity of the team. Good delegation also frees management time to allow pursuit of priority goals. This […]

Training Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

COURSE AIMS Explore a variety of approaches to solve problems and make decisions. This workshop is a blend of trainer-led and experiential learning. It identifies the key concepts of creative thinking and problem solving. It gives the delegates a range of versatile and effective techniques; ideal for those seeking new answers to old problems, and […]

Training Managing Change and Conflict Resolution

COURSE AIMS We need change to keep ourselves stimulated and creative. However, stability and routine makes us feel safe. To manage change we need to have the necessary insight and skills to make a difference to the way things happen around you. Examine how you got to be who you are, define your communication resources […]

Training Supervisory Management Skills

COURSE AIMS Most supervisors are promoted into the role of supervisor because they are good at doing the job, not because they are good at supervising others; that skill has to be learned. Supervising others can be a tough job. Between managing your own time and projects, helping your team members solve problems and complete […]

Training Leadership Essentials

COURSE AIMS Whilst it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born in the midst of adversity. Often, simple people who have never had a leadership role will stand up and take the lead when a situation they care about requires it. Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership, you […]

Training Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation

COURSE AIMS This programme is about getting your team, department or organisation where it needs to go. Starting with the bigger picture and moving onto the practical implementation issues, this course takes you right through the strategic planning process with helpful tools, techniques and ideas at every stage. To be strategic is to be well […]

Training Developing Management Skills

COURSE AIMS Managing processes and workload is just not enough nowadays. Instead, the modern manager needs to be able to motivate their team, be able to manage change, deal with difficult people, manage performance, coach and develop their staff … the list goes on! Our Developing Management Skills programme provides delegates with the knowledge and […]

Training Innovation and Critical Thinking

COURSE AIMS Innovation and Critical Thinking together lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. By asking the right questions, challenging assumptions your company’s innovation and competitive position in the […]

Coaching Leadership Development

Training Coaching Leadership Development Who Will Benefit? The training offers a unique opportunity to develop powerful and authentic leadership and coaching in organizations which integrates performance and purpose. Coaching Leadership Development is especially suitable for: leaders who want to take their leadership skills to the next level; leaders who want to develop a coaching leadership […]

Office Management Training

Training Office Management COURSE AIMS Designed to give you the key skills that are required for the smooth running of an office. Discover how to create a more effective office environment and reduce inefficiency in your workplace. Learn processes that you can incorporate into your office, including an assertive and organised approach to managing people […]

Executive and Personal Assistants Training

Training Executive and Personal Assistants WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This training programme has been specifically designed for the benefit of senior secretaries, executive secretaries, personal assistants and top-level management secretaries aiming to improve their performance. LEARNING OUTCOMES Working with Your Manager Administrative Soft Skills Effective Time Management Meeting Management Being an Effective Gatekeeper Organizational Skills Confidentiality […]

Training People Management Skills for Technical Professionals

People Management Skills for Technical Professionals Training This intensive two-day course has been specially developed for technical managers who want to learn the finer skills of motivating, communicating and managing their staff for peak performance. Technical people can be so engrossed with the technical details of their role that their people management skills often suffer. […]

Motivational Training

Training Motivational Motivation is the product produced through internal or external factors that fuel one’s desire and energy to be committed to a role or job and consistently be focused & driven towards achieving set goals. Motivation Training: Training on Motivation improves motivational levels in the employees that boosts personal and professional performance. It helps employees connect […]

Strategic Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory

Training Strategic Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory COURSE DESCRIPTION Investment analysis and portfolio management skills enable entrepreneurs and practitioners make sound investment decisions. This course is designed to emphasise analytical aspects of the investment decision, as well as modern concepts and instruments. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, participants will be able to: Analyse […]

Leadership Development for Women

Training Leadership Development for Women For women looking to advance their careers, sobering realities need to be considered and addressed. Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman’s […]

Communication and Presentation Skills for Project Managers

Training Communication and Presentation Skills for Project Managers During this 3 day course, participants will learn the proper communication and presentation skills for an individual who is moving into a project manager role.  This will include preparing leadership for their role using communications.  The course will also cover the writing of project charters, case for […]