Reactive Power compensation and control in Electric power system

INTRODUCTION: This training course presents reactive power compensation and an overview of modern practices in raising efficiency of power systems through application of reactive power and voltage regulation. This training course starts with discussion about the structure of power systems from a power plant to the customer, and typical power system voltages in different parts […]

Leadership Development for Women

Training Leadership Development for Women For women looking to advance their careers, sobering realities need to be considered and addressed. Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman’s […]

Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders

Training Managing Suppliers and Stakeholders Training Benefits This workshop will allow participants to achieve tangible results in terms of: Managing stakeholder opportunities and challenges Recognizing the features of each relationship type and where and how they impact the procurement strategy. Creating win-win outcomes in negotiation Determining the minimum relationship required to deliver the required value. […]

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

Training Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Industrial Hygiene is the art and science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace conditions that may cause worker injury or illness. If you have recently assumed Industrial Hygiene responsibilities or you have experience in other aspects of the Safety, Health, & Environmental profession and would like to learn more […]

Advanced Procurement Management Training

Advanced Procurement Management Training PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Advanced Procurement Management Training Program (APMT) is an intensive 3 days’ program and is designed for procurement and related executives who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their procurement management competencies. The APMT integrates the latest procurement management concepts and practices to give participants a firm grounding in […]

Asset Management

Training Asset Management Today’s property managers work hand-in-hand with asset managers and often serve as asset managers themselves. Expert education gives professionals the capability to build value in real estate assets, providing confidence to investors, owners, and building tenants. Make sense of your assets, discover the asset manager’s role, function and place in real estate and business, and master the […]

HVAC Systems Fundamentals & Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems

HVAC Systems Fundamentals & Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems Course Description Mastering fundamentals and operation principles of HVAC systems is a must for designers and operators of such systems.   This course covers fundamentals of HVAC systems starting from psychometric calculations to design of air conditioning cycles. Load calculations, distribution, system selection, control, and energy […]

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Training Problem Solving and Decision Making DESKRIPSI Mengambil keputusan adalah tindakan penting bagi perusahaan dan bagi anda sendiri. Fakta menunjukkan bahwa kelancaran operasional suatu perusahaan sangat ditentukan oleh kemampuan para eksekutifnya dalam menangani masalah dan mengambil keputusan. Keberhasilan memikul tanggung jawab seorang eksekutif sering diukur melalui kemampuannya dalam menangani masalah secara cepat dan efektif. Citra […]

Managing Mine Contractors

Training Managing Mine Contractors DESCRIPTION This training focuses on setting up and managing mining contracts. you will learn how to establish a profitable and realistic relationship with a contractor, and how to run the relationship effectively COURSE COUNTENT Contract document various types and the important issues to address The tender process- preparation of tender documents […]

Customer Service Excellent

Training Customer Service Excellent DESCRIPTION Salah satu kunci sukses dari keberhasilan dalam meningkatkan penjualan adalah dengan berinteraksi dan menjalin hubungan baik dengan customer, dengan cara memberikan pelayanan yang memuaskan. Dengan berinteraksi dapat membangun kesempatan untuk mempromosikan produk, layanan dan perusahaan. Namun tidak mudah bagi pihak perusahaan untuk menjalankannya. Sukses dalam menciptakan kepuasan pelanggan sangat tergantung […]

Financial For Non Financial For Executive

Training Financial For Non Financial For Executive Jadwal Training / pelatihan 2016  (Bisa request tanggal selain yang tertera)  28-30 Juni 2016 / 12-14 Juli 2016 / 09-11 Agustus 2016 / 06-08 September 2016 / 11-13 Oktober 2016 / 15-17 November 2016 / 13-15 Desember 2016 Jadwal Training / pelatihan 2017  (Bisa request tanggal selain yang […]

Training Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness

Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness The course is aimed at all personnel who are involved with oil and gas operations and other industries were there may be a risk of exposure to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contamination. Course Outline – Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Hydrogen sulphide-how it is formed and where it is can be found Other names used […]