Advanced Procurement Management Training

Advanced Procurement Management Training PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Advanced Procurement Management Training Program (APMT) is an intensive 3 days’ program and is designed for procurement and related executives who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their procurement management competencies. The APMT integrates the latest procurement management concepts and practices to give participants a firm grounding in […]


LOGISTICS, INVENTORY & MATERIALS MANAGEMENT COURSE DESCRIPTION This seminar focuses on the largest investment within a jurisdiction second only to personnel, Topics to be covered include inventory management, warehouse management, and the management information systems. PARTICIPANT All public purchasing and other officials involved in the management of acquisition, inventory, storage, and disposal process of materials. […]

Warehouse Management, Material Handling, Storage and Logistics Operations

Warehouse Management, Material Handling, Storage and Logistics Operations This Course is Designed For: Warehouse Managers Supply Chain and Logistics Managers and Professionals Operations Managers Logistics Professionals Inventory Managers Purchasing and Procurement Managers Retailers Inventory and Warehouse Control Professionals Production Planners Financial Managers Project Managers Distribution Centre Supervisors Manufacturers and Industries Academicians, Researchers, NGOs and Practitioners […]

Warehousing and Inventory Control (Tools Management)

Training Warehousing and Inventory Control (Tools Management) DESCRIPTION Warehousing and Inventory Control are important for efficient operation of warehouses. In recent years, computerization has improved the efficiency of the warehouse operations to great extent. At the same time, computerization has not replaced the need for conceptual understanding of warehouse and inventory control.  OUTLINE Part 1- […]