Compensation, Benefit Administration & Reward Management

Compensation, Benefit Administration & Reward Management This exciting and innovative course will utilise detailed case studies and the latest research to explain reward strategies from an administrative, strategic and human perspective. Managing reward is directly linked to performance, productivity, turnover, attitude and the overall health of an organisation Compensation, pay, benefits, salary and even praise […]

Creative Problem Solving for Innovative Leadership

Creative Problem Solving for Innovative Leadership This course offers a step by step journey from problem identification to solution generation and additionally to evaluate creative techniques that challenge more traditional models of “outcomes thinking”. It offers wide range of tools and techniques and insights into how leaders can inspire the creative process within themselves and […]

The Effective Female Leader

The Effective Female Leader This course creates confident and powerful female leaders: women who are ready to step up and be acknowledged for the great leaders they truly are. By the end of this course, participants will be able to distinguish between a manager and a leader and use their leadership skills to become assertive […]

Administration and Office Management for Female Professionals

Administration and Office Management for Female Professionals The roles of office professionals have evolved over recent years to include additional responsibilities and require advanced skills, such as the ability to tackle complex tasks, build relationships, deal with conflict and make difficult decisions. Office professionals must be emotionally intelligent leaders, be prepared to take risks, be […]

Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking

Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking This course presents a high level appreciation of the features and benefits of three key Performance areas namely; Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking. Originally led by Japanese organizations, many International Companies are now leveling the field as performance measurement is seen as vital to quality process management and […]

PPh 21/ 26 & PPh Wajib Pajak

PPh 21/ 26 & PPh Wajib Pajak Sebagai warga negara yang baik, Anda punya kewajiban untuk mendukung kemajuan bangsa ini dengan cara membayar pajak. Pajak adalah iuran rakyat kepada negara yang penerapannya dapat dipaksakan. Tata cara penerapan pajak diatur dalam Undang-Undang Perpajakan dan peraturan turunannya. Instrumen hukum inilah yang digunakan oleh pemerintah untuk memaksa rakyat […]


PENGISIAN SPT TAHUNAN: PPh WP BADAN dan & PPh WP ORANG PRIBADI LATAR BELAKANG TRAINING PENGISIAN SPT TAHUNAN Undang – undang Perpajakan menganut sistim self assessment, dimana Wajib Pajak diberi kepercayaan untuk menghitung, memperhitungkan, dan menetapkan besarnya jumlah Pajak Penghasilan yang terutang dan melaporkannya ke Kantor Pelayanan Pajak setempat setelah berakhirnya tahun pajak. Penetapan bentuk […]

Pemeriksaan Pajak: Strategi Sukses Menghadapi Pemeriksaan Pajak

Pemeriksaan Pajak: Strategi Sukses Menghadapi Pemeriksaan Pajak Deskripsi Pemeriksaan pajak dilaksanakan oleh Direktur Jenderal Pajak yang bertujuan untuk menguji kepatuhan Wajib Pajak  dalam melaksanakan kewajiban perpajakannya. Pelanggaran pada ketentuan yang berlaku akan menyebabkan perusahaan akan diberikan Surat Tagihan Pajak (STP) berupa sanksi (sanksi denda, sanksi bunga, dan sanksi kenaikan) yang akan meningkatkan beban pajak yang […]


CREATIVE ACCOUNTING AND TAX PLANNING DESKRIPSI Dalam membentuk sebuah perusahaan yang sehat, para pelaku perusahaan harus mengerti dan memahami dasar-dasar manajemen yang dalam hal ini adalah paham dalam hal pengaturan keuangan perusahaan. Pelaku perusahaan, khususnya seorang akuntan harus memahami tentang perpajakan supaya lebih mudah dalam menghitung dan menganalisa pajak. Ketika akuntan sudah memahami perlakuan pajak […]

PSAK 46 (Penyataan Standar Akutansi Keuangan)

PSAK 46 (Penyataan Standar Akutansi Keuangan) Deskripsi Training PSAK 46 PSAK merupakan penyataan standar akutansi keuangan yang di buat oleh Dewan Ikatan Akutansi Indonesia dimana didalamnya terdapat pedoman dalam melakukan pratek akuntansi dalam berbagai aspek yang berhubungan dengan akuntansi. Ada berbagai pedoman PSAK yang telah di tetapkan salah satunya yaitu PSAK No 46. PSAK 46 […]


TAX PLANNING AND TAX MANAGEMENT DESKRIPSI Perencanaan dan Manajemen Pajak (Tax Planning and Tax Management) adalah suatu hal yang penting bagi setiap perusahaan yang menginginkan adanya penghematan pajak karena dalam undang-undang perpajakan Indonesia hal ini diperkenankan. Dengan menyusun perencanaan dan manajemen pajak sejak dini, perusahaan akan terhindar dari segala hal yang mengakibatkan peningkatan beban pembayaran […]


WITHHOLDING TAX UPDATE LATAR BELAKANG TRAINING WITHHOLDING TAX UPDATE Sejak dulu Withholding Tax merupakan andalan pemerintah untuk mempercepat pemungutan pajak. Dengan Withholding Tax, Wajib Pajak dilibatkan dalam proses pengumpulan (collection) pajak bagi negara. Dalam prakteknya, wajib pajak pembayar penghasilan diberikan kewajiban untuk memotong dan menyetorkan pajak penghasilan terutang dari penghasilan mitra bisnis. Mengingat hal ini […]


PENGELOLAAN PAJAK DESKRIPSI EFISIENSI PENGELOLAAN PAJAK Manajemen perpajakan merupakan sarana efisiensi pengelolaan pajak untuk memenuhi kewajiban perpajakan dengan benar, tetapi jumlah pajak yang dibayarkan dapat ditekan seminimal mungkin untuk memperoleh laba dan likuiditas yang diharapkan. Salah satu langkah efisiensi tersebut adalah melalui tax planning, yaitu dengan pelaksanaan kewajiban perpajakan (tax implementation) dan pengendalian pajak (tax control). […]

Effective Time, Task & Work Planning

Effective Time, Task & Work Planning This course will give you the opportunity to step back and get clear about what you want to achieve in the long and short term. It will then help you assess your present effectiveness  and map out a plan to reach your professional and personal goals.  This course will […]

Writing Effective Policies & Procedures

Writing Effective Policies & Procedures This course will prepare delegates to develop and write effective policies and procedures, important documents, and other related documents such as Specifications and Standards. The focus of this course will be on making these effective within the organisation and consider issues such as compliance, language, and organisational culture. It is […]

Women as Leaders

Women as Leaders This interesting course offers a unique opportunity for women to take a high jump in terms of their confidence and competence as leaders in the workplace. Women’s innate sense of responsibility, people skills, and creativity are well known. As more and more women are entering the workforce, they are proving themselves to […]

Exploiting Change

Exploiting Change Businesses, organisations and their senior executives need foresight and adaptability to operate successfully in rapidly changing and highly competitive conditions. No sooner are current conditions understood and mastered, that the strategic and competitive situation has evolved and there is a need for new forecasts, strategies, and actions. This course will provide the concepts, […]

Leading & Managing through Strategic Planning & Innovation

Leading & Managing through Strategic Planning & Innovation Effective strategic leadership is central to the future success of any organisation. This starts with defining a clear strategic vision – setting out the leadership team’s strategic intent for the organisation and its various businesses. What are the Goals? Develop the three key strategic agendas for leaders […]

Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation: Strategic Planning Professional

Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation: Strategic Planning Professional This course will focus on the strategic thinking and leadership behaviors that a high-performance organization needs for a successful long term future. This course will usher delegates in more strategic visionary leadership that focuses to deliver real value to their constituents and customers. This will enable organizations […]

Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership

Training Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership Strategies, Risks, Negotiation and Leadership are the essential skills for those who are dedicated to maximizing their performance and value-added contribution (and that of the people who work for them). As the business environment becomes ever more uncertain and turbulent, the requirement for professional leadership and management throughout organizations […]

HR Metrics & Analytics

HR Metrics & Analytics Delivering Strategic & Organisational Change Using HR Tools This course will provide you confidence & learn techniques in the way you look at information, interpret human capital analytics, solve problems and evaluate solutions using workforce and HR metrics. Sessions will help you acquire the skills to properly review, define, measure, and […]

HR Metrics and Analytics

Training HR Metrics and Analytics COURSE OVERVIEW This Training Course will provide the potential uses and effective application methods of business metrics, alongside best practices in Human Capital Analytics so you can better gauge how to use data and metrics effectively to deliver tangible information and results to your business. LEARNING OUTCOMES Understand where to […]

Anytime Coaching

Anytime Coaching Effective supervisors find “coachable” moments that empower employees to reach new insights, make effective decisions, and improve their competence. The Anytime Coaching model provides supervisors with a set of practices to guide employees through workplace situations—not only when performance breakdowns occur but also through daily interactions that improve overall performance. This highly interactive […]


TRAINING MANAJEMEN SDM (PERSONALIA / TENAGA KERJA) TUJUAN TRAINING: Pelatihan manajemen SDM ini mengarahkan agar peserta mampu mengelola bidang kepegawaian yang berhubungan dengan sumber daya manusia sebagai aset utama perusahaan, yaitu : Meciptakan ketenangan dan ketentraman serta iklim kerja yang baik sehingga terjadi keselarasan antara tujuan individu dan tujuan perusahaan. MANFAAT YANG DIPEROLEH Dengan mengikuti pelatihan […]

Position Management

Position Management This course is meant to provide participants with applicable knowledge and tools for organizational design; current and future workforce alignment; position management systems, policies, and laws; job description development and enhancement; and organizational gap mitigation.   Who Takes This Course This course is designed for HR professionals or organization leaders who need to […]

Engaging Leadership

Engaging Leadership Based on the fast-selling book, The Cornerstones of Engaging Leadership®, this interactive course reveals the key actions a leader must take to connect with and engage others: build trust, leverage unique motivators, manage performance from a people-centric perspective, and engage people emotionally. By committing to these four cornerstones of engagement, leaders can unleash […]

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership When two leaders possess similar intellect, the leaders that demonstrate higher emotional intelligence succeed more frequently. In fact, recent studies indicate that 25% of leaders’ success derives from raw intelligence, while 75% of their success stems from their abilities to understand the needs of their employees and build relationships with members of […]

Decision Making

Critical Thinking for Problem Solving Decision Making This experience-based course introduces participants to a comprehensive yet flexible decision-making framework that can be used for all types of decisions. Participants experience each step in the framework first-hand through a variety of individual, small-group, and large group exercises. As the participants discuss and learn about decision-making, they […]

Fostering Accountability, Adaptability, and Resilience

Fostering Accountability, Adaptability, and Resilience Organizations are in a constant state of flux. This can create uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments for the people who work within them at the individual, team, and organizational level. In order to thrive within a changing environment, leaders at all levels must demonstrate accountability, adaptability, and resilience (AAR). Competency […]


INTERNAL CONTROL UNDERSTANDING : COSO – BASED APPROACH Latar Belakang Training Internal Control Understanding COSO  : Saat ini organisasi sangat concern terhadap 4 (empat) hal yaitu Control, Risk Management, Governance & Assurance. Perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan tentang Internal Control dalam suatu organisasi sangat pesat. Hal ini terkait dengan kelemahan Internal Control  di organisasi yang sering dimanfaatkan […]