Training Strategic Procurement Management

Training Strategic Procurement Management  COURSE DESCRIPTION This training programme has been designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently manage company and project procurement functions. PARTICIPANT Project managers Contract managers and other professionals involved in the contract management life cycle. This course benefits all stakeholders involved in the buying […]

Project Management and Implementation

Training Project Management and Implementation Course Description This course aims to take participants through all aspects of project management and provides them with the required and internationally recognized tools and techniques for managing projects. It also aims to provide participants with practical and real-life examples and lessons learned from real projects, as well as, the […]

Training Telemarketing Skill and Presentation skill

Telemarketing Skill and Presentation skill training  COURSE DESCRIPTION Mengetahui dengan persis betapa pentingnya keberadaan Telemarketer sebagai Ujung Tombak didalam organisasi Memperdalam pemahaman komprehensif mengenai bauran Komunikasi pemasaran Meningkatkan Profesionalisme komunikasi dalam pemasaran Peserta dapat merancang sebuah presentasi efektif Peserta dapat menggunakan teknik media presentasi yang berbasis aplikasi komputer Peserta dapat menyampaikan teknik presentasi efektif Peserta […]

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control

COURSE OVERVIEW: Maintenance Planning and Scheduling of work orders is the hub of a well-functioning maintenance organization. In order for maintenance planning and scheduling to work, many other systems need to work well. Most importantly equipment inspections through preventive maintenance, technical database such as bill of materials, work order his-tory, and standard job plans. Maintenance […]

Training Of Trainer (TOT)

Training Of Trainer (TOT)  COURSE DESCRIPTION Trainer merupakan aktifitas pentin yang perlu dilakukan oleh semua perusahaan agar karyawannya mampu melakukan tugas dan peran masing-masing, sehingga kemampuan perusahaan dapat terus meningkat. Faktor dan kendala yang sering dihadapi dalam pelatihan adalah : Biaya Jumlah peserta terbatas Pengetahuan tidak dapat disebarluaskan. Training ini dirancang khusus agar peserta memperoleh […]

Advanced Valve Technology (Design, Selection, Installation, Applications, Inspection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting)

COURSE DESCRIPTION A valve may be defined as any device that stops, starts, or changes the direction of magnitude of any fluid flow or its pressure. Management is becoming more and more aware of the importance of valves in industrial plants and processes. In the hydrocarbon and natural gas industries, valves represent about 8% of […]

Administrative Assistant Training

Training Administrative Assistant COURSE DESCRIPTION The role of the Administrative is rapidly changing and he/she is taking on more of the work of the manager. He/she needs to develop administrative skills into managerial talents in order to enable his/ her superior to delegate work with assurance.At the end of the course participants will able:   […]

Training Reactive Power compensation and control in Electric power system

Reactive Power compensation and control in Electric power system Training INTRODUCTION: This training course presents reactive power compensation and an overview of modern practices in raising efficiency of power systems through application of reactive power and voltage regulation. This training course starts with discussion about the structure of power systems from a power plant to […]

Training Electrical Equiptment Maintenance

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to meet the training needs of plant maintenance personnel engaged in the day-to-day troubleshooting and fault correction of industrial electrical equipment. It is appropriate for electrical maintenance personnel in need of a review of electrical basics and an introduction to more complicated industrial controls and test equipment. It is […]

Manajemen Logistik

Deskripsi Manajemen Logistik Materi pelatihan ini memberikan gambaran dan bahasan mengenai: pengertian dan perkembangan manajemen logistik, system manajemen logistik, penerapan manajemen logistik, operasional kegiatan logistik, pengelolaan barang, dan pengendalian logistik.   Tujuan Manajemen Logistik Setelah mengikuti pelatihan ini, peserta pelatihan diharapkan mampu: Memahami pengertian dan perkembangan manajemen logistik Memahami mengenai system manajemen logistik Memahami bagaimana cara menerapkan […]


DESKRIPSI Sebagian kontrak yang di buat selalu dibarengi dengan resiko yang berpotensi menimbulkan perubahan dan perselisihan diantara mereka yang terlibat dalam kontrak tersebut. Adanya potensi perselisihan dapat mengurangi nilai dan tujuan menurunkan kinerja kontrak.Penyebab munculnya risiko ini bisa disebabkan adanya perubahan dan perselisihan yang berakar pada detail dari paket tender dan kontrak yang terkait. Hal […]

Internal Auditor Training

Description Internal audits are extremely valuable tools because they provide independent and objective assessment of compliance with defined business and other requirements. This course introduces participants to all aspects of Internal Auditing. The course covers audit planning, scheduling, auditing and review. It is applicable for all management systems, whether they’re based on international, industry or […]

Customer Service Excellence

INTRODUCTION In a time when gaining a competitive edge increasingly comes down to the experience provided to the customer, Customer Service Excellence has never been more important. This fast moving, highly interactive programme draws upon the very latest thinking and research into customer behaviours and the psychology of buying to enable attendees to fully understand […]

Marketing Communications and Brand Management

INTRODUCTION This programme provides participants with an understanding of the concepts of marketing communications and branding activities at a practical level. The focus is primarily on enhancing the skills and knowledge needed to co-ordinate communication activities and manage campaigns. Some theories and strategic issues are covered to provide a relevant context to practice. WHO SHOULD […]

Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

INTRODUCTION Customers are the life-blood of any enterprise. The strategic goal for any enterprise must be to understand what the customer decides is quality and then to be able to produce and deliver that quality in a consistent, cost-effective manner. In this programme, you will: Learn about Customer Service and Quality Management Tools Learn how to […]

Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer

Introduction Custody Transfer defines the point at which ownership changes hands for the process product being measured. This transfer is unique among flow-meter applications since money changes hands and accuracy requirements are higher than they are for most other applications. The custody transfer system must generate detailed and indisputable cargo reports, based on accurate flow […]

Understanding Diversity

Deskripsi Keragaman di dalam dunia kerja sudah hal yang sangat wajar. Kita akan bertemu dengan orang yang berbeda karakter, sifat, ras, dan perilakunya. Tetapi keragaman itu bukanlah penghalang kemajuan organisasi/perusahaan. Sebagai individu yang baik, sebaiknya kita menghargai dan menghormati keragaman yang ada. Namun saat ini banyak muncul masalah terkait keragaman. Keragaman pun memunculkan masalahnya sendiri, […]

Introduction to Energy Trading and Hedging

Course Overview This two-day course is designed for professionals wishing to obtain a practical understanding of the basic energy derivative structures that are used in trading, marketing and risk management today. An emphasis is placed on understanding how financial tools are added to physical market components to manage the risk faced by both energy users […]

Training Senior Secretaries and Personal Assistants’ Programme

Who should attend? This course is ideal for Administrators, Office managers, executive secretaries and personal assistants seeking to build on essential practical skills to improve knowledge of office management and administration duties. Learning objectives To provide high standards of modern office practices and methods To enhance managerial capabilities and career growth To manage the work […]

Finance For Non Financial Staff

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This program is intended for all non -finance Supervisors and Managers. LEARNING OUTCOMES Describe the art of finance and key financial terms Determine your role in company finances Discuss various types of financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and statements of retained earnings. COURSE OVERVIEW & CONTENT Many […]

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

Description This course focuses on basic electrical design concepts that will meet the demands of industrial and commercial design, construction, and maintenance. In addition to familiarizing participants with basic electrical circuits and circuit parameters, the course provides a general understanding of the methods used to design low voltage power distribution systems (600 volts or less). […]

Training Event Management

COURSE AIMS The success of an event manager, producing social events, depends upon understanding life cycle events. Every life has its ceremonies, rituals and traditions, great and small, religious and non-religious. This course is designed to focus on the understanding of event planning guidelines and responsibilities. The course covers all the elements of event management […]

Innovation and Critical Thinking Training

COURSE AIMS Innovation and critical thinking together lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. By asking the right questions, challenging assumptions your company’s innovation and competitive position in the […]

Customer Complaint Handling Training

COURSE DESCRIPTION For any business to maintain a good reputation and generate loyal customers, handling complaints effectively is very crucial. This Customer Complaint Handling training course looks at how to handle customer complaints effectively, ensuring the relationship with the customer stays intact. Knowing what drives complaints in the first place is a great way to […]

Training Effective Planning and Organising

COURSE AIMS When you plan and organise yourself effectively, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to achieve your goals. Increased productivity at work through better planning and organisation of work will lead to a happier, more rewarding and prosperous work life. The Effective Planning and Organising workshop addresses a proven approach to […]

Training Innovation and Critical Thinking

COURSE AIMS Innovation and Critical Thinking together lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. By asking the right questions, challenging assumptions your company’s innovation and competitive position in the […]