Training Developing And Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans

Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans Training Course Introduction: Marketing is the glue that holds and organisation together, gives it understanding of what customers want, what they value and are willing to pay for. As the marketplace and customer needs change, marketing helps the rest of the organisation understand how to change. Strategic marketing is […]

Training Quality Management in The Hospitality Industry

Pelatihan Quality Management in The Hospitality Industry Course overview The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes hotels, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, airline, cruise line, spas, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The Hospitality Industry is booming all over the world and is a several […]

Training Telemarketing Skill and Presentation skill

Telemarketing Skill and Presentation skill training  COURSE DESCRIPTION Mengetahui dengan persis betapa pentingnya keberadaan Telemarketer sebagai Ujung Tombak didalam organisasi Memperdalam pemahaman komprehensif mengenai bauran Komunikasi pemasaran Meningkatkan Profesionalisme komunikasi dalam pemasaran Peserta dapat merancang sebuah presentasi efektif Peserta dapat menggunakan teknik media presentasi yang berbasis aplikasi komputer Peserta dapat menyampaikan teknik presentasi efektif Peserta […]

Customer Service Excellence

INTRODUCTION In a time when gaining a competitive edge increasingly comes down to the experience provided to the customer, Customer Service Excellence has never been more important. This fast moving, highly interactive programme draws upon the very latest thinking and research into customer behaviours and the psychology of buying to enable attendees to fully understand […]

Marketing Communications and Brand Management

INTRODUCTION This programme provides participants with an understanding of the concepts of marketing communications and branding activities at a practical level. The focus is primarily on enhancing the skills and knowledge needed to co-ordinate communication activities and manage campaigns. Some theories and strategic issues are covered to provide a relevant context to practice. WHO SHOULD […]

Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

INTRODUCTION Customers are the life-blood of any enterprise. The strategic goal for any enterprise must be to understand what the customer decides is quality and then to be able to produce and deliver that quality in a consistent, cost-effective manner. In this programme, you will: Learn about Customer Service and Quality Management Tools Learn how to […]

Uncover Selling Opportunities

Deskripsi Saat ini dunia bisnis makin maju dan berkembang. Banyak sekali bermunculan wirausaha muda dan perusahaan-perusahaan baru yang meramaikan bisnis di Indonesia maupun kancah internasional. Karena semakin ketatnya persaingan di dunia bisnis, maka para pelaku bisnis hendaknya mampu membaca peluang sekecil apapun itu. Menangkap peluang usaha yang muncul dari kondisi real masyarakat dan membekali dengan ketrampilan […]

Customer Complaint Handling Training

COURSE DESCRIPTION For any business to maintain a good reputation and generate loyal customers, handling complaints effectively is very crucial. This Customer Complaint Handling training course looks at how to handle customer complaints effectively, ensuring the relationship with the customer stays intact. Knowing what drives complaints in the first place is a great way to […]

Strategic Power Sales Training

Training Strategic Power Sales Is your Sales Team capable of thinking and selling Strategically? The majority of people are capable of making a sale … … however many prospects are lost in the process. We have only one opportunity with a prospect and if we fail to convince them during the first interaction, the chance of sending […]

Training Sales for Non-Sales people

Sales for Non-Sales people Training Introduction As a customer facing representative of your company, your non-sales staff have a unique opportunity to build strong rapport and gain confidence and trust. This course is designed to equip the non-sales person with the skills, knowledge and behaviour that they can use to enhance the customer experience and […]