Training Heavy Oil Pipeline Transport Methods and Design

Heavy Oil Pipeline Transport Methods and Design Training Course Description This course is an introduction comprehensive study of heavy oil transportation. Experience in the production of heavy crude oils has demonstrated that the majority of conventional production systems and treatments are highly inefficient. The production, treatment, storage and fluid transference through pipelines of high viscosity crude […]

Training Workover and Completions-(Well Intervention)

Workover and Completions-(Well Intervention) Training  This course emphasizes the role of engineers and field operators in planning and executing the Intervention Operations to maintain and increase field production and thus add to the profitability and recoverable reserves. It also emphasizes the significance of the team concept as a factor in optimizing operations success. The course […]

Training Gas Turbine Failure Analysis

Description Failure investigations are tough rigorous challenges form the best in engineering. This course will teach delegates the range of thinking and subjects, which need to be considered in driving to find the real root cause of a failure. The class will be based around some of the most difficult challenges faced by the professions […]


DESKRIPSI Sebagian kontrak yang di buat selalu dibarengi dengan resiko yang berpotensi menimbulkan perubahan dan perselisihan diantara mereka yang terlibat dalam kontrak tersebut. Adanya potensi perselisihan dapat mengurangi nilai dan tujuan menurunkan kinerja kontrak.Penyebab munculnya risiko ini bisa disebabkan adanya perubahan dan perselisihan yang berakar pada detail dari paket tender dan kontrak yang terkait. Hal […]

Introduction to Energy Trading and Hedging

Course Overview This two-day course is designed for professionals wishing to obtain a practical understanding of the basic energy derivative structures that are used in trading, marketing and risk management today. An emphasis is placed on understanding how financial tools are added to physical market components to manage the risk faced by both energy users […]

Indonesian Upstream Oil Gas Contracts

Training Indonesian Upstream Oil Gas Contracts The course will also emphasise topics around the monetisation of crude and natural gas produced from the contract areas and explore the legal structure of the gas sales and its prevailing rules and practices. In addition the participants will gain an extensive overview on the mechanism of LNG project […]


TRAINING CO2 EOR MODELLING WHO SHOULD ATTEND This course is for engineers or technical personnel who would like to learn the techniques of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) by CO2 injection in a miscible flood process. WinProp knowledge and incorporating laboratory measured data to create an Equation-of-State (EoS) based fluid model is a prerequisite, as well […]


CBM SIMULATION USING GEM WHO SHOULD ATTEND This course covers Coal Bed Methane (CBM) reservoir simulation using GEM. This course is designed for engineers, geologists and technical personnel who are undertaking basic or advanced CBM reservoir simulation. A basic reservoir engineering background in coal bed methane is required with little or no reservoir simulation experience. […]

Introduction to Gas Transmission Pipeline Operations Training

Introduction to Gas Transmission Pipeline Operations Training Course Overview Introduction to Gas Transmission Pipeline Operations is an essential introductory course that provides an overview of high pressure gas transmission pipelines. This course is generally site-based and includes: an overview of inlet stations, scraper stations, compressor stations and meter stations, including basic information on: hydrocarbon properties, […]

A – Z of the Petroleum Industry

A – Z of the Petroleum Industry This comprehensive course recognizes the need for professionals to have a comprehensive and broad understanding of the Petroleum Industry from A to Z – from upstream to downstream. Oil and gas are the world’s most important energy resources driving the global economy. The processes and systems required for […]

Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

Description The course introduces the participants to modern carbonate environments and explain how the constituents of a carbonate sediment become lithified and changed after deposition to provide potential reservoir rocks. Modern carbonate environments from particularly the Arabian/Persian Gulf and the Caribbean are examined in detail to provide a sense of scale and perspectice. Large scale […]

Drilling Engineering for Non-Drilling Engineers

Drilling Engineering for Non-Drilling Engineers Training Description During the 3 day of this course, the entire drilling process will be discussed. The language of drillers – understanding their terminology. Understanding the abbreviations and acronyms associated with drilling. The process begins with identification of a target formation and discusses the equipment and procedures used to reach […]

Optimizing Gas Pricing & Sales Strategy Training

Optimizing Gas Pricing and Sales Strategy Training Description Natural gas is rapidly becoming ‘the fuel of choice’ in many countries. At the same time it is one of the world’s most capital-intensive industries. As such, participants in the natural gas industry must confront the central issue of the ability to mobilise the investment required to […]