Exploiting Change

Businesses, organisations and their senior executives need foresight and adaptability to operate successfully in rapidly changing and highly competitive conditions. No sooner are current conditions understood and mastered, that the strategic and competitive situation has evolved and there is a need for new forecasts, strategies, and actions. This course will provide the concepts, competencies, and tools to conduct strategic forecasting and decision-making on a continuous basis so organisations can exploit change for strategic success, leverage opportunities, and defend against risks and threats. The course also provides the tools to set up a strategic forecasting and decision-making capability in any type of organisation.

This training course will feature:

  • Appreciation and understanding of change, uncertainty, risk, threats, and opportunities
  • Concepts and methods to assess the internal and external environments of companies and organisations
  • Concepts and tools to generate and analyse future scenarios
  • Concepts and tools to generate competitors’ and opponents’ likely strategies and options
  • Concepts and tools to create and manage a corporate forecasting and strategic decision-making capability

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the concepts of change, uncertainty, risk, threats, and uncertainty
  • Assess the internal and external corporate environment for opportunities, risks, and threats
  • Create and analyse future scenarios
  • Understand and assess potential competitors’ and opponents’ options and strategies
  • Set up a corporate forecasting and strategic decision-making capability


This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals responsible for strategy, marketing, business development, operations, HR, product development, and other functional departments within businesses and other organisations
  • Project and programme management professionals
  • Intermediate and advanced level Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors within all sectors, private and public, profit and not-for-profit

Course Content

Intelligence, Change, Uncertainty, Risk, and Opportunity

  • Understand and apply basic intelligence principles for business
  • Understand the nature and impact of change and uncertainty
  • Understand and apply the three time horizons
  • Understand and apply basic change principles
  • Understand the differences and similarities of risks and threats
  • Identify opportunities, risks, and threats

Assessing the Business and Organisational Environment

  • Apply a systematic approach to assessing the internal and external environment
  • Take a full-spectrum and 360 degree approach
  • Recognize and assess political, economic, social, technical, ecological and legal factors
  • Recognize and assess competitive factors
  • Draw inferences and deductions for planning and decision-making
  • Evaluate the likelihood and consequences of opportunities, threats, and risks

Developing Future Scenarios and Options

  • Identify future dimensions of change and uncertainty
  • Create future scenarios by combining dimensions
  • Analyse overall scenario effects on competitive conditions
  • Assess organisational and strategic impact of scenarios
  • Develop offensive options to exploit changes and opportunities
  • Develop defensive options to mitigate risks and threats

Confronting Competitors’ Options and Actions

  • Create options and strategies for opponents and competitors
  • Analyse opponents’ and competitors’ options and strategies
  • Develop a competitive “war game” scenario
  • Conduct a competitive war game on the basis of the same scenario
  • Assess impacts of opponents’ and competitors’ actions and reactions
  • Modify own options and strategies in reaction to competitive actions and reactions

Creating a Strategic Forecasting and Decision-Making Capability

  • Understand the role of strategic forecasting and decision-making in businesses and organisations
  • Identify the key tasks and responsibilities of a forecasting and decision support unit
  • Identify the key competencies to create and manage a strategic forecasting and decision-making capability
  • Understand and implement a cyclical forecasting and decision-making system
  • Understand the relationship of strategic forecasting and planning to other functions in the organization and the governance implications



Investasi dan Fasilitas Training

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  • Fasilitas : Certificate, Bag, Training kits, USB 8 GB, Lunch, Coffe Break, Souvenir.


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