Training Production Resource Planning, Scheduling and Activity Control

Integrate production management methods into your operation and keep productivity up…even when the economy’s down. Learn proven techniques for planning, scheduling and controlling production activities. Develop the strategy and systems that let capacity and resources be scheduled most effectively.
This intensive workshop covers the overview of product and service requirements into resource planning and quality control.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, delegates should be able to:
  • Achieve world-class manufacturing standards
  • Organize production operations to meet customer needs
  • Reduce lead and cycle times
  • “Build” products that can be effectively scheduled in varying environments
  • Build an information infrastructure that smoothly converts to your manufacturing management systems
  • Develop an understanding of the strategic importance of production resource planning on the supply chains and how resources planning can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Design and plan for production, and manage the shop-floor with optimum costs and productive maintenance
  • Learn methods of forecasting to manage capacities and plan production
  • Work through the tools and techniques of cost effective production planning
  • Recognize the significance of purchasing and materials management for continued operations at minimal costs
  • Understand the importance of quality planning and management

Who Must Attend

Plant managers, master schedulers, production activities planners, production control managers, shift supervisors, materials managers, capacity planners, production staff and manufacturing and industrial engineers who interface with operations driving improvement activities in a Material Requirements Planning
(MRP) environment.

Course Details

Module 1: Fundamentals of Production Resource Planning and Control
  • What is Production Resource Planning and Control?
  • Holistic Approach to Production Resources Planning and Control
  • The Customer-Supplier Chain – Functional Performance and Inter phases on the Chain
  • Order Management and Engineering Change Control
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (with Materials Resource Planning)
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
Module 2: Production Design and Planning
  • Production Capacity Requirements Planning and Control
  • Process & Performance Design, Planning and Control
  • Production Layout and Work-Flow – Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Equipment Planning & Commissioning
  • Human Capital & Capability Management (incl. Work Study, Job Design and Competency Needs Analysis)
Module 3: Production Management and Control
  • Production & Process Controls (incl. Time and Motion Study)
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Standard Costing and Cost Control
  • Cost Management and Reporting
  • Total Productive Maintenance and Tool Management
Module 4: Forecasting, Long-Term Capacity Management and Continual Improvement
  • Sales analysis and forecasting in the supply chain
  • Production forecasting techniques
  • Selecting suitable forecasting methods
  • Calculating optimal production capacity
  • Monitoring production capacity utilization
Module 5: Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Master production schedule (MPS)
  • Item master data (technical data)
  • Bill of materials (BOM) (technical data)
  • Lot traceability
  • Lean Manufacturing, JIT & Operational Efficiency
  • Finite capacity scheduling (FCS) & Bottleneck (Constraint) Management
  • Production & Process Controls (incl. Time & Motion Study)
Module 6: Purchasing, Goods Receiving and Materials Management
  • Purchasing Management –  Sourcing, Purchasing, Procurement
  • Inventories & Orders Control – Warehousing, Stock Planning & Control
  • Sales Order Management & Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Packaging, Finished Goods & Warehouse Management
  • Automated warehouse management
  • Logistics Planning & Control
Module 7: Quality Planning, Management & Control
  • Planning the Quality
  • Quality Management & TQM
  • Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility, Cost Trade-offs
  • Quality of conformance and performance
  • Quality of features and aesthetics
  • Quality of reliability and durability
  • Aesthetics and perceived quality
  • Common quality control tools
  • Common quality management tools



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