Steam Turbines Training



  • To provide better understanding of steam turbine technology, performance and operation.

Learning Objectives

  • To explain the operating principles of steam turbines.
  • To select adequate operating conditions.
  • To explain typical operating problems.
  • To implement a steam turbine systematic troubleshooting survey.


Operation and technical department staff from manufacturing plants or power plants who are in charge of steam turbine operation and maintenance.



Steam turbine performance

  • Steam characteristics, inlet and exhaust conditions.
  • Ideal expansion and real expansion.
  • Monitoring steam characteristics on the Mollier diagram: expansion, heating, consumption, etc.
  • Expansion mechanisms: impulse stage, reaction stage and different types of multistage turbine.
  • Overall performance.
  • Application: analysis of industrial turbine operation.


  • Main types of turbines, new designs from manufacturers.
  • Nozzles, diaphragms, fixed blades.
  • Rotors and bladings.
  • Bearings and thrust bearings.
  • Seals: internal and shaft ends sealing.
  • Vibrations and critical speeds.
  • Condenser and vacuum devices.
  • Application: study of turbine, turbine and auxiliaries drawings.

Steam turbine control systems

  • Speed control systems fixed or variable, process parameter control, generating set control.
  • Controllers: characteristics of conventional and numeric controllers.
  • Equipment technology: sensors, transmitters, controllers.
  • Safety devices: overspeed, vibrations, temperature of ancillaries, control loop and safety systems.


  • Lubrication and sealing devices.
  • Important factors in turbine operation: heating, expansion, vibrations.
  • Start-up after trip.
  • Monitoring of steam circuit and lubrication circuit.
  • Start-up and shutdown sequences of different types of turbine (impulse, reaction, condensing and non-condensing turbines).
  • Incidents occurring in the steam circuit, the machine or the ancillary equipment.



Lecturing, participative discussion, and case study.


Dr. Ir. Viktor Malau, DEA (Associate Professor) / Teams

  • Viktor was born at Tapanuli on 12 Agustus 1957, after finished study in Mechanical Technic at Gadjah Mada University at 1985 he continued his Master and doctor program at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Perancis 1993 and. He also attended and participated in various workshops & training programs. He was do many Science Observation. Training and seminars have been followed including the Mechanics of Materials Training, Training Method and Experimental Research Numerically, Training Composite Materials, National Seminar on Higher Education Development Support, National Seminar on Mechanics and Materials Technology, Composite Materials Technology Training, Corrosion Protection Training, Management Training Maintenance, Corrosion Protection Training, Training of Coatings Technology, National Seminar on Basic Research, Regional Research Seminar, National Seminar on Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis, National Seminar on Research and Technology Development in the Industrial Sector, Training, Preventive Maintenance, Training Total Productive Maintenance, Maintenance Management Training , Pressure Safety Valve Training, Training Electrical Measurement System, Training, Control Valves, Training, Problem and Its Corrosion Protection in Piping and Heat Exchanger Systems, Seminar on Application and Research in Industrial Technology, 2006, Research and Technology Development in the Field of Materials and Processes to -2 and Research and Technology Development in the Industrial Sector-12, Day Seminar Faculty Research Lecturer refinement UGM, Steam Turbine, Operation and Maintenance, Hydraulic Power System, Safety Valve Maintenance, Hydraulic Pneumatic, Bearings and Lubrication, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis, Centrifugal Pumps, Piping System, Gas Compressor, Total Productive Maintenance, Steam Turbine, Operation and Maintenance, Corrosion, Maintenance Management, Failure Analysis, Research and Technology Development in the Field of Industrial Engineering to-13, Technology & Bearing Lubrication System , Steam Turbine, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Basic Lubrication System, Bearings, Lubricants, Maintenance Management System, Gas Turbine, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Failure Analysis, Technical Inspection and Pigging Piping, Mechanical Design & Basic Engineering, Welding Procedures for Welder. The material was Amnestied include surface treatments (Surface Treatment and Coating Technology, Advanced physical Metallurgy (Advanced Physical Metallurgy), Materials Engineering (Engineering Materials), Selection of Materials and Processes (Materials and Processes Selection), Micro-Structure of Materials Engineering (Micro Structure of Engineering Materials), and Maintenance Tribology (Tribology and Maintenance), Elements of Machine (Machine Elements), Tubin Steam and Gas (Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine), Boiler Metal Failure Analysis.


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