Pelatihan Tata Kelola Kantor, Dokumen Surat dan Inventaris Perusahaan

Training Tata Kelola Kantor, Dokumen Surat dan Inventaris Perusahaan DESKRIPSI Dalam sebuah perusahaan/instansi/lembaga memiliki berbagai manajemen. Salah satunya adalah manajemen tentang kearsipan atau tata kelola tentang dokumen. Manajemen kantor dan arsip merupakan hal keseharian yang bila tidak dikelola dengan baik dapat berubah menjadi masalah besar. Manajemen kantor dan arsip bermula dari pemilihan suatu sistem dasar, idealnya didasarkan […]

Training Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Pelatihan Data Science and Big Data Analytics DESCRIPTION Data science is a “concept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods” to “understand and analyze actual phenomena” with data. It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science from the subdomains of machine […]

Training Chemical Laboratory Instrumentation with Safety Operation

Pelatihan Chemical Laboratory Instrumentation with Safety Operation Course Description Modern Chemical Laboratory training course will assist in keeping up to date with current laboratory operation principles and international guidelines, while at the same time stressing the importance of and providing valuable advice on the most critical areas of testing laboratories operation. These will include, but […]

Training Quality Management in The Hospitality Industry

Pelatihan Quality Management in The Hospitality Industry Course overview The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes hotels, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, airline, cruise line, spas, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The Hospitality Industry is booming all over the world and is a several […]

Pelatihan Supply Chain Management

Training Supply Chain Management Course overview Supply chain consists of all the individuals who are involved either directly or indirectly in fulfilling the requests of the customers. Supply chain is not limited to the suppliers and manufacturers but also includes the warehouses, retailers, customers and transporters. In every organization, supply chain consists of all the […]

Pelatihan Training Of Trainer (TOT)

Pelatihan Training Of Trainer (TOT) COURSE DESCRIPTION Pelatihan Training of Trainer ini diarahkan agar peserta meningkatkan kemampuan untuk menjadi “trainer/fasilitator” yang handal sehingga mampu mengkontribusikan dalam bentuk sikap dan perilaku sebagai trainer/fasilitator yang profesional, yaitu: Mampu menganalisis dan merancang kebutuhan pelatihan, memahami prinsip dasar, model dan metode pelatihan, memiliki gaya mengajar serta memahami dimensi-dimensi efektifitas sebagai […]

Pelatihan Coal Quality dan Quality Control

Training Coal Quality dan Quality Control DESKRIPSI Batubara terbentuk dari berbagai jenis tumbuhan dan terbentuk di berbagai kondisi lingkungan yang berbeda-beda. Hal tersebut menyebabkan batubara memiliki kualitas yang berbeda beda sekalipun berasal dari tambang yang sama. Kualitas batubara juga dipengaruhi oleh system penambangan dan handlingnya. Di sisi lain, dalam bisnis batubara, kualitas merupakan faktor yang […]

Training Process Safety Management (PSM)

Process Safety Management (PSM) Training Course overview This course provides the knowledge necessary to acquire a consistent approach to achieve an efficient development to effectively manage Process Safety in production facilities. Objective Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: describe standards and participate in the deterministic methods of safety engineering, explain the […]

Training Substation Earthing

Training Substation Earthing Description This intensive training course will give you an insight into all aspects of substation earthing for low, medium and high voltage systems (distribution and transmission), to ensure safety, protection and regulatory compliance. The comprehensive programme includes technical sessions on earthing design and specifications, current standards and regulations, earth grids, resistivity, site […]

Training Voltage Control Regulation in Transmission and Distribution Systems

Training Voltage Control Regulation in Transmission and Distribution Systems Course Description Reactive power had not paid sufficient attention in past. Great attention is now paid to reactive power flow on lines and to generated and compensated reactive power. Most problems of voltage control can be solved and voltage instability and voltage collapses will not occur […]

Training Voltage, Frequency, Active and Reactive Power Control in Electrical Power System Elements

Training Voltage, Frequency, Active and Reactive Power Control in Electrical Power System Elements Description: Reactive power had not paid sufficient attention in past. Great attention is now paid to reactive power flow on lines and to generated and compensated reactive power. Most problems of voltage control can be solved and voltage instability and voltage collapses […]

Training LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Repair and Troubleshooting

Info Jadwal Pelatihan LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Repair & Troubleshooting Course Description Introductory to the basis of understanding the theory of high voltage switchgear covering LV/MV/HV circuit breakers and the equipment included in the switch gears. Course Objectives Identifying principles of engineering service electrical substation equipment Explaining Switchgear items and functions Describe […]

Pelatihan GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality

Training GIS Data Formats, Design and Quality Course Description Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an increasingly sought after skill in industries from agriculture to public health. This course starts by introducing participants to the basics of spatial modeling. It explains vector and raster spatial data models, and then discusses in depth, issues such […]

Info Jadwal Training 2018

Informasi Training Manajemen 2018 yang mencakup Program Training 2018 dan Jadwal Training 2018 serta Biaya Training 2018 disajikan di bawah ini menurut kelompok/bidangnya masing-masing. Program training manajemen 2018 dan Jadwal Training 2018 yang kami sajikan ini diselenggarakan oleh lembaga-lembaga training/konsultan manajemen yang sudah berpengalaman. Program Training 2018 Bidang Finance Accounting⇓ Program Training 2018 Bidang Internal Audit & Fraud Audit⇓ Program Training 2018 Bidang Managerial Skill, Leadership, Secretary, Marketing, dsb⇓ Program […]

Informasi Jadwal Training 2018

January 2018 Title Dates Boilers: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting 22 Jan – 02 Feb 2018 Management of Contracts and Contract Claims 28 Jan – 01 Feb 2018 Advanced Maintenance Management 28 Jan – 01 Feb 2018 Risk Assessment within Production Operations 22 Jan – 02 Feb 2018 Competency Development and Managerial Excellence for Operation and […]

Performance Management Training

The Performance Management Workshop is aimed at all those who are responsible for appraising their staff, whether supervisors or senior managers. The programme is also aimed at those in Human Resources who have responsibility for administering and overseeing their organisation’s PMS and potentially supporting the appraisees and appraisers. Course Benefits Understand the value of Performance […]

Distributed Control System (DCS) – Selection, Operation and Maintenance

Objectives:  By the end of this course the participants will gain the following; •Know the historical background of DCS. •Learn the local control unit architecture. •Know the basic elements of a Microprocessor-Based Controller. •Know the local control unit languages. •Study and know the communication protocol facilities. •Know the operator interface. •Know the display units layout. […]

Training Recruitment and Retention from A-Z Course

Description Essential for anyone looking to hire the right person and retain them in their business, this course will provide you with the practical skills and techniques to manage the recruitment process from start to finish. You’ll learn how to identify the key job requirements and write a good job description, how and where to […]


PELATIHAN INSTRUMEN KIMIA Deskripsi Pengenalan tentang metode dan instrumen kimia diperlukan untuk mengembangkan pemahaman tentang operasi, perawatan, dan kalibrasi instrumen analisis kimia. Pelatihan ini dirancang untuk memberikan pemahanan kepada peserta bagaimana mengoperasikan dan merawat instrumen yang digunakan dalam laboratorium kimia di industri. Materi yang tercakup dalam instrumen kimia ini meliputi: Pengenalan prinsip dan teori instrumen […]

Training Pemantauan Kualitas Air dan Udara

COURSE DESCRIPTION Ketika perusahaan atau instansi pemerintah menerapkan perundangan lingkungan dan program lingkungan (seperti AMDAL, ISO 14001, PROPER dan lain-lain) maka pemantauan lingkungan penting dilakukan untuk tujuan spesifik antara lain: Memenuhi persyaratan internal dan eksternal Bahan untuk perancangan Pengendalian proses Pembuktian dalam proses hukum, Penelitian, dll Salah satu media lingkungan yang penting untuk dipantau adalah […]

Electrical Circuits and Wiring Systems Training

Course Description This course introduces the care and use of tools and materials used in electrical installations as well as the requirements of the National Electrical Code.  Topics include lighting, overcurrent protection, conductors, branch circuits, condelectrical, and safety and electrical blueprint reading.  Upon completion, participants should be able to properly install conduits, wiring, and electrical […]

Electrical Circuits Fundamentals Training

Course Description The Fundamentals of Electric Circuits course provides the participants with an understanding of the concepts and techniques in the characterization of electrical circuits and their components. This course  introduces the participants to the basic concepts of  current, voltage, power, electromagnetism, basic lows and theorems for the analysis of electric circuits. Pulse-response and resonance […]

Understanding Facilities Management

Training Understanding Facilities Management Expand your knowledge of facilities performance to the next level of distinction… Overview The challenges in delivering a high performing, energy efficient building that caters to the needs of the occupiers is central to day to day activities. Learning about the full range of issues you need to complete your role […]

Integrated Grounding System Design and Testing Training

Training Integrated Grounding System Design and Testing Course Description Get comprehensive coverage of grounding system design procedures for safety and lightning shielding. Start with a simplified coverage of the basic principles in grounding design, followed by a step-by-step design procedure. Explore soil characterization, including soil testing methods, data interpretation and a workshop. Discuss modeling requirements […]

Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Work Control

COURSE OVERVIEW: Maintenance Planning and Scheduling of work orders is the hub of a well-functioning maintenance organization. In order for maintenance planning and scheduling to work, many other systems need to work well. Most importantly equipment inspections through preventive maintenance, technical database such as bill of materials, work order his-tory, and standard job plans. Maintenance […]

Advanced Valve Technology (Design, Selection, Installation, Applications, Inspection, Maintenance & Troubleshooting)

COURSE DESCRIPTION A valve may be defined as any device that stops, starts, or changes the direction of magnitude of any fluid flow or its pressure. Management is becoming more and more aware of the importance of valves in industrial plants and processes. In the hydrocarbon and natural gas industries, valves represent about 8% of […]

Administrative Assistant Training

Training Administrative Assistant COURSE DESCRIPTION The role of the Administrative is rapidly changing and he/she is taking on more of the work of the manager. He/she needs to develop administrative skills into managerial talents in order to enable his/ her superior to delegate work with assurance.At the end of the course participants will able:   […]